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Welcome to our blog – The Bottom Line, where you’ll find up-to-date commentary and analysis on the most important news in the fiscal world. Below is a list of our blog posts.

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Apr 18, 2016 | Taxes

Tax Day 2016: Charts to Explain our Tax System

Today is Tax Day! Our partners at Fix the Debt have republished their annual chartbook to explain federal taxes – including who pays them, what...
SSDI book
Apr 14, 2016 | Social Security

Event Recap: McCrery-Pomeroy SSDI Solutions Initiative Recommendations Release

On Wednesday, April 6, the McCrery-Pomeroy SSDI Solutions Initiative released its final recommendations and book of policy proposals dedicated...
Maya MacGuineas
Apr 14, 2016 | Budgets & Projections

Maya MacGuineas: Our Debt Problem Needs Action—Not Empty Promises: 5 questions for candidates on balancing the budget

Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and head of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, wrote an article...
fiscal year
Apr 14, 2016 | Budgets & Projections

Halfway Through the Year, FY 2016 Leads FY 2015 in Deficits

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its Monthly Budget Review for March recently, so we now have data for the first half of Fiscal Year (...
Business Tax
Apr 8, 2016 | Taxes

The Obama Administration Moves on Business Tax Changes

The topic of tax reform made the news on Monday as the Obama Administration simultaneously took regulatory steps to further limit corporate...
Apr 7, 2016 | Taxes| Other Spending

FAA Bill Should Not Turn Into an April Christmas Tree

Update: The Congressional Budget Office has released its score of the Senate FAA bill, estimating that it would reduce ten-year deficits by a...
Apr 6, 2016 | Economics

Is Sustained 5 Percent Annual Growth Possible?

Since faster economic growth would represent a boon for wages and the fiscal situation, a number of Presidential candidates have been promising or...
interest rates
Apr 5, 2016 | Budgets & Projections

Interest Spending Looms Large in the Next Decade

In a recent blog post on The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire, director of Brookings Institution's Hutchins Center David Wessel outlines...
Social Security
Apr 5, 2016 | Social Security

Blahous Tells it Like it is with Social Security

Voters say they want a candidate that “tells them like it is,” but as Social Security Trustee Charles Blahous describes, that may mean...
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Apr 4, 2016 | Budgets & Projections

Can Donald Trump Pay Off the National Debt in 8 Years?

In a recent interview, presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would pay off the nation’s $19 trillion debt “over a period of eight...