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Welcome to our blog – The Bottom Line, where you’ll find up-to-date commentary and analysis on the most important news in the fiscal world. Below is a list of our blog posts.

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May 11, 2016 | Economics

Donald Trump's Treasury Buyback Plan

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made waves in a CNBC interview when he seemed to indicate that he would seek to...
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May 10, 2016 | Budgets & Projections

Telling the Whole Story on Interest and Long-Term Debt

In a recent blog, New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman criticized Donald Trump's recent suggestion that he'll "negotiate...
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May 10, 2016 | Economics

Maya MacGuineas: Dangers in Donald Trump’s Debt Suggestions

Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and head of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, wrote a commentary that...
May 10, 2016 | Social Security

Marc Goldwein: Candidates, Stop Perpetuating Social Security Myths. Start Offering Solutions.

Marc Goldwein is the Senior Vice President and Senior Policy Director of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. He wrote a ...
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May 10, 2016 | Social Security

Jim McCrery and Earl Pomeroy: It's time for action on Social Security disability insurance

Former U.S. Representatives Jim McCrery (R-LA) and Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) are the co-chairs of the McCrery-Pomeroy SSDI Solutions Initiative,...
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May 9, 2016 | Budgets & Projections

Debt Will Rise Under the Next President

Our recent updates and analyses of the fiscal policies of Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, and Donald Trump show that debt would rise from today...
May 9, 2016 | Health Care

Analysis of Donald Trump's Health Care Plan

UPDATED: This analysis was originally published on March 14, 2016. It has since been updated on May 9, 2016 to reflect updated estimates of the...
May 4, 2016 | Budgets & Projections

Millennials: Your Next President Should Be Concerned About the Debt

In a recent op-ed in TIME, Michael A. Peterson, the president and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, outlined why millennials need the next...
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May 1, 2016 | Other Spending

House and Senate Move Forward on Appropriations

April 15 is the annual statutory deadline for passing a conferenced budget resolution though the House and Senate, which is intended to formally kick...
Tom Price
Apr 29, 2016 | Budget Process

Event Recap: Fixing the Budget Process

As part of our Better Budget Process Initiative, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget recently hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill called...