Interactive and Sharable Graphs Comparing the Health Care Bills


Today, US BudgetWatch updated its Charts Comparing Health Care Reform Bills. The publication compares the House and Senate health care bills through two text charts and four graphs, all exploring different metrics.

Here at The Bottom Line, we have republished the graphs in a way that makes them both interactive and sharable. That means you can explore the charts here, or feature them on your own website or blog. As the bills change, we'll update these graphs -- and whatever you have embedded will automatically update with them.

To embed one of the charts into a blog or website, simply click the "Share this chart" link at the bottom left corner of the chart, and then copy the embed code. We only ask that you attribute The Bottom Line or the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.




Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will respond ASAP. Also check out all the charts, along with their notes and source information, here.

I wish that they would focus

I wish that they would focus more onto the budget and less on what bills are being passed.  I think that government is too involved in too many things.  We need to focus on our own government and not always bailing out other governments.  We need to come up with some debt relief solutions to our problems.

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