Congressman Eric Cantor Introduces YouCut

Yesterday, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) launched a new project - YouCut. YouCut allows people to vote online or from their cell phones on spending cuts, from a list of several options -- to be updated weekly, that they would like to see the House act on. House Republicans will then offer an up-or-down vote on the winning spending cut from the previous week.

CRFB is encouraged that lawmakers are reaching out to the public to begin finding specific changes we can make to start curbing the growth of future deficits. We share their desire to curb federal spending.

This week, YouCut is featuring the following spending cuts:

  • Presidential Election Fund ($260 million over 5 years)
  • Federal union activities ($600 million over five years)
  • HUD support for certain doctoral dissertations ($1 million over 5 years)
  • New non-reformed welfare program ($2.5 billion each year)
  • Eliminate wealthier communities from Community Development Block Grant program ($2.6 billion over 5 years)   


Watch Congressman Cantor's introductory video:

Big Bureaucracy

Cut, baby, cut!

Greetings! Ellie from

Republicans and Budgets

If I was a Republican - and asked about federal budgets - I would keep my mouth shut.

Eric Cantor is unserious...

"YouCut" sounds good, right?


Cantor's best idea this week would save $266,000,000 annually.  Hmm.  Compared to an annual deficit of $1,500,000,000,000 that's 0.018%.  I hope he has another 5,638 ideas because that's how many it will take to close the deficit.  At the rate of 1 per week, it will only take us 108 years to close the gap.

Another way of looking at it - if you were running up your credit cards by $5,000 per year.  Cantor's best idea would to skip a candy bar in the check out line ($0.89) once a year.

Right idea Cantor, but get serious.


CRFB simulator on the other hand is serious and should be the first to call out politicians who feign fiscal conservatism without being willing to make difficult, unpopular decisions.  Don't allow gimmicks like YouCut to be compared to the Stabilize the Budget Challenge.

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