The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

October 12, 2012 Joint Committee on Taxation: Base-Broadening Tax Reform is Really Hard | Washington Post
October 12, 2012 Super PAC Says Romney Takes From Education, Gives to Millionaires | Politifact
October 11, 2012 Says His Deficit Plan "Made Some Adjustments to (Simpson-Bowles), and We're Putting It Forward Before Congress Right Now, a $4 Trillion Plan." | PolitiFact
October 11, 2012 Presidential Election Offers Voters 'Stark Choice' on Health Care | California Healthline
October 11, 2012 the Agenda: Health Care Direction Awaits Verdict of Presidential Race | RSS Broadcast
October 11, 2012 Top Wall Street Executives Join Erskine Bowles' Committee To Fix The Debt | HITC Business
October 11, 2012 Presidential Attack Ads: The Truth Takes a Beating |
October 10, 2012 Simpson-Bowles Supporters Get Campaign Backing in Return | Bloomberg
October 10, 2012 This Election, a stark Choice in Health Care | New York Times
October 10, 2012 Simpson-Bowles Plan Supporters Get Campaign Help in Return | San Francisco Chronicle
October 10, 2012 Passing Over the "Fiscal Cliff" in Early 2013 Seems Increasingly Likely | OMB Watch
October 10, 2012 Don't Be Misled By Numbers | Agri-View
October 09, 2012 CEOs Wield Clout, Wage Battle to Get a Budget Deal | Politico
October 09, 2012 Debt Crisis Demands Action |
October 09, 2012 Schumer Shakes Up Deficit Talks With Call to Raise Taxes on the Rich | New York Times
October 09, 2012 More on Pete Peterson, Deficit Panic and Washington Influence | Los Angeles Times
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October 08, 2012 So Much for a "Balanced Approach" to the Budget Deficit Problem | United Liberty
October 07, 2012 Commentary: How Business Leaders Could Help U.S. Avoid Fiscal Cliff | Star-Telegram