The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

November 13, 2012 BofA's Moynihan Says Fiscal Cliff Impact Already Emerging | Wall Street Journal
November 13, 2012 Bowles offers help on "fiscal cliff" negotiations | The Washington Post
November 13, 2012 Simpson, Bowles to Bring 'Cliff' Debate to 'Impact' | CNBC
November 13, 2012 Fiscal Cliff Would Only Dent the Deficit | NPR
November 13, 2012 Sen. Simpson: "Don't bet the ranch" on fiscal deal happening | CNN Squawk on the Street, CNBC
November 13, 2012 Squawk on the Street | CNBC
November 13, 2012 Getting Debt Under Control | Fox Business
November 13, 2012 Jim Cramer Warns Politicians to "Rise Above" the Fiscal Cliff | Nerdles
November 13, 2012 Now that the election is over, let's fix the country's debt woes | The Hill
November 12, 2012 Business Chiefs Step Gingerly Into a Thorny Budget Fight | The New York Times
November 12, 2012 In Debt Talks, Obama Is Ready to Go Beyond Beltway | The New York Times
November 12, 2012 "Campaign to Fix the Debt" launching in Iowa | Radio Iowa
November 12, 2012 Editorial: National debt must be faced now, before it is too late | American Press
November 12, 2012 Rattner Talks Politics at Forecast | Radio Ink
November 12, 2012 As 'fiscal cliff' nears, business groups jostle for ear of White House, Congress | The Washington Post
November 12, 2012 Campaign to Fix The Debt To Launch Statewide Effort In Michigan | PR Newswire
November 12, 2012 Meet the millennial deficit hawks | The Washington Post
November 12, 2012 'Fix It,' CEOs say, as they step into budget fight | Minneapolis Business Journal
November 12, 2012 Families facing tax hikes worth $2,000 unless 'fiscal cliff' avoided | The Palm Beach Post
November 12, 2012 Wall Street Kicks Off Ad Campaign on Fiscal Fight | The Fiscal Times