The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

November 08, 2012 Fresh from reelection, president finds himself on edge of 'fiscal cliff' | The Washington Post
November 08, 2012 'Fix the Debt' CEO Dream Team Wants You to Be as Scared as They Are of the Fiscal Cliff | The Huffington Post
November 08, 2012 Obama needs a dealmaker for his new Treasury chief | Reuters
November 08, 2012 'Sad and Depressed' CEOs See No Light at End of Partisan Impasse | Bloomberg
November 08, 2012 Aetna CEO Bertolini Sees Job Cuts With No Obama Debt Deal | Bloomberg
November 08, 2012 CEOs ask Obama to fix fiscal deficit and bridge partisan divide in Congress | The Washington Post
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November 08, 2012 Make a deficit deal now | The Washington POst
November 08, 2012 Status quo, but status quo Congressional gridlock? | MSNBC
November 08, 2012 Greenspan, Rivlin, El-Erian on U.S. Fiscal Cliff | Bloomberg TV
November 08, 2012 Congressman Jim McCrery, Money with Melissa Francis | Fox Business
November 08, 2012 'Fiscal Cliff' Is a Financial Superstorm: Aetna CEO | CNBC
November 08, 2012 Rep. Jim McCrey, Easier to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff Now That Election is Over? | Fox Business News
November 07, 2012 112th Congress Can Still Do Something | Roll Call
November 07, 2012 What were the campaigns' biggest mistakes? | The Arena
November 07, 2012 For Democrats Fattah and DeLissio, reelection comes comfortably | Maine Line
November 06, 2012 Business leaders defy anti-tax orthodoxy | The Boston Globe
November 06, 2012 Enacting a 'Grand Bargain' Doesn't Equate to Navigating the Fiscal Obstacle Course | The Huffington Post
November 06, 2012 Scott Brown is the wrong choice for Massachusetts | The Tufts Daily
November 05, 2012 Hyper-partisan politics stymies Americans | Detroit Free Press