The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

September 23, 2014 The GOP's Jobs Bill Will Create Few Jobs, But Plenty of Debt | New Republic
September 22, 2014 Federal Spending on Kids to Increase Only 2 Percent Over Next Decade | Juvenile Justice
September 22, 2014 Morning Tax | POLITICO
September 17, 2014 Republican Bill to Boost Jobs Tops 300 Pages; House Republicans Say It Is Worth It | Bloomberg BNA
September 11, 2014 Treasury Secretary Calls for Reform to Keep Corporations from Fleeing Taxes | Governing
September 05, 2014 Obama says he has cut national deficit in half | PolitiFact Wisconsin
September 04, 2014 Morning Tax | POLITICO
September 02, 2014 NO: Public agency serves vets better than the private market | Sun Sentinel
August 29, 2014 Budget Crunchers Now Expect a Permanently Weaker Economy | The Washington Examiner
August 29, 2014 CBO Report: Deficit Widens With Slower Growth | C-SPAN
August 29, 2014 Congress Must Act to Get the Economy Back on Track | The Wall Street Journal
August 29, 2014 Maya MacGuineas: Good Deeds Punished as Crossroads Dings Dems on Debt Plan | The Wall Street Journal
August 26, 2014 Did U.S. Corporate Taxes Drive Burger King to Canada? | Bloomberg TV
August 12, 2014 Maya MacGuineas: We've got to fix Social Security | Providence Journal
August 11, 2014 Uniting to Take Congress, G.O.P. Tries to Become the Party of ‘Yes’ | The New York Times
August 08, 2014 Social Security demystified | McClatchy DC
August 07, 2014 Marc Goldwein: Social Security and the Trustees Report | West Virginia Metro News Radio
August 07, 2014 Good News for Medicare Spending, Bad News for Medicare Reformers | The Morning Consult
August 06, 2014 House Republicans adding to debt as balanced budget commitment wavers | The Washington Times
August 05, 2014 Senate Sends House Transportation Bill With Risky Pension Gimmick To The President | MacIver Institute