The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

June 25, 2014 Budgeters: Rein in Hwy Spending Budgeters: Rein in Hwy Spending | Go by Truck News
June 23, 2014 Congress Would Give VA a Blank Check to Fix Health Care Mess | The Fiscal Times
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June 19, 2014 Budget experts urge lawmakers to pay for VA bill | The Washington Times
June 19, 2014 Fixing VA mess could cost billions, complicating Congress talks | Los Angeles Times
June 19, 2014 Murphy-Corker Gas Tax Increase: Beginning of a Bipartisan Solution? | Roll Call
June 18, 2014 Corker to ‘make news’ on gas tax today — GM’s Barra, Valukas on the Hill — Senate minibus revives trucker rest debate | POLITICO
June 18, 2014 CBO: House VA Bill Could Cost $54 Billion Annually | CQ Roll Call
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June 18, 2014 Morning Tax, Report: ‘No Gimmicks’ for HTF | Politico Pro
June 17, 2014 The Social Security cash crunch Congress can't ignore | CNN Money
June 16, 2014 Bill could double VA health-care spending | AP
June 16, 2014 US Budget Week: Congress Moves In The Wrong Fiscal Direction | MNI News
June 16, 2014 Everything’s coming up aces for the ACA | MSNBC
June 16, 2014 The Big Problem Three GOP Senators Say Is Attached to the New VA Bill | The Blaze
June 16, 2014 The Senate plan to privatize some veterans' care could cost $500 billion | Vox
June 16, 2014 VA Bill Shooting Through Congress Could Cost Taxpayers Billions, Fiscal Hawks Warn | Fox News
June 13, 2014 The real reason CBO won't re-score Obamacare | Vox
June 13, 2014 Bob Corker, Ron Johnson, and Jeff Sessions Were Right about the VA | National Review Online
June 13, 2014 Stingy Congress finds funds for veterans’ health care | The Washington Times