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Social Security


Jul 31, 2015 | Blog Paper | Social Security

Trustee Blahous Says Time is Running Out to Fix Social Security

Charles Blahous, one of the public trustees for Medicare and Social Security, has released a Guide to the 2015 Social Security Trustees Report. The...

Public Trustees Highlight the Need for Prompt Reform

Last week, the Social Security and Medicare Trustees released their annual reports on the long-term finances of each program, showing that those...
Jul 28, 2015 | Blog Paper | Social Security

Washington Post on SSDI: An Opportunity for Bipartisan Compromise

The Washington Post yesterday issued Congress "a wise prescription for Social Security Disability Insurance," urging lawmakers to use the...
Jul 28, 2015 | Blog Paper | Social Security

Delaying Social Security Changes Ties Policymakers' Hands

Our analysis of the 2015 Social Security Trustees' report noted that "As time goes on, it will be more difficult to secure the Social...

Gap Widens Between Trustees and CBO on Social Security

Although the Social Security Trustees estimate the program's financial outlook has slightly improved relative to last year, the Congressional...
Jul 27, 2015 | Blog Paper | Social Security

Becerra Introduces Bill to Combine Social Security Trust Funds

Just hours in advance of the release of Wednesday's 2015 Social Security Trustees' Report, Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), Ranking Member of...