Policy Paper

Averting a Fiscal Crisis

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CRFB has compiled a brief background on the scope of our nation's fiscal challenges and the drivers of our debt and deficits, while outlining some of the types of solutions available to address the problems. This Powerpoint is meant to offer an objective, non-partisan view of our country's fiscal situation as an educational tool meant to help foster open and honest debate about these issues.

America's Fiscal Choices at a Crossroad

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CRFB's policy paper America's Fiscal Choices at a Crossroad looks at the human side of the fiscal crisis. It examines the two choices we face in addressing our nation's fiscal problems - action or inaction - and how both of those choices could affect a variety of different groups within our society.

Along with the release of this analysis, CRFB hosted a "Voices of America" video contest where participants proposed their own ideas for controlling our growing public debt.

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