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America's Fiscal Choices at a Crossroad

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CRFB's policy paper America's Fiscal Choices at a Crossroad looks at the human side of the fiscal crisis. It examines the two choices we face in addressing our nation's fiscal problems - action or inaction - and how both of those choices could affect a variety of different groups within our society.

Along with the release of this analysis, CRFB hosted a "Voices of America" video contest where participants proposed their own ideas for controlling our growing public debt.

10 Themes Emerging from the New Debt Reduction Plans

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In recent weeks, a number of plans have been released, recommending specific policies to deal with our fiscal challenges and to bring our debt back down to sustainable levels. In this paper, CRFB compares the six major reform plans and analyzes the common themes that are emerging in discussions over fiscal reform.

Getting Back in the Black

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In Getting Back in the Black, the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform calls on policymakers to reform the federal budget process in order to help stabilize the nation’s debt-GDP ratio, a proposal advanced in the Commission first report Red Ink Rising. The Commission concludes that policymakers must improve the budget process through implementing fiscal targets, budgetary triggers, and increased transparency as part of a package of fiscal reforms.

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