Spotlight on the States

Spotlight on the States: Minnesota

In this installment of our Spotlight on the States blog series, focused on Minnesota, we take a slightly different look at the state's fiscal situation. In the past this series has given brief looks at states' fiscal problems and the different ways they've gone about solving them--mostly through examining their respective budgets and new budget proposals. We thought that this recent development in Minnesota, however, deserved its own unique blog in our series.

Spotlight on the States: Wisconsin

Given the recent events in Wisconsin, we decided that the Spotlight on the States series should take a brief trip over to the Badger State.

Spotlight on the States: Florida

This week, our Spotlight on the States series heads down south to beautiful and sunny Florida, a state that has faced its share of budget woes. The state currently faces a $3.6 billion budget deficit (five percent of their 2010 budget) and has an unemployment rate of 12 percent, the third-highest in the country behind Nevada and California.

Spotlight on the States: New York

This week, our Spotlight on the States series takes us to New York.

New York faces an estimated budget deficit of $10 billion. Due to slower-than-expected economic growth, actions taken over the last year have failed to meaningfully improve the state's fiscal situation.

Spotlight on the States: Illinois

Continuing our "Spotlight on the States" series, which takes a look at state-level fiscal issues around the country, the Bottom Line turns to the state of Illinois.

Spotlight on the States: California

While we are keenly aware that the "F" in CRFB stands for "Federal", it is difficult to ignore the budget plight of the states.

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