Social Security

Boskin Underscores the Need for DI Reform

With all of the new developments in tax reform it may be easy to forget about entitlements. But Michael Boskin, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, reminds us in a recent piece that we really do not have much time to wait on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) reform.

New Estimates of Immigration Reform: What They Say

Both the Social Security Chief Actuary and the CBO have already weighed in on the Senate's immigration reform bill, showing that it would give a short-term boost to Social Security and a slight cost to the rest of the budget. Now that the bill has passed the Senate, the CBO and the Chief Actuary have put forth more in-depth analyses of the legislation.

The Social Security and Medicare Trustee Reports in Charts

The projections in the latest Medicare and Social Security Board of Trustees Report were further proof of the need to reform these important entitlement programs. But for some seeing is believing. Luckily, the Peter G.

CATO Event: "Disability Insurance: The New Welfare?"

Yesterday, the CATO Institute hosted a panel discussion featuring CATO Senior Fellow Jagadeesh Gokhale, MIT economics professor David Autor, University of Chicago professor Harold Pollack, and Social Security Administration Chief Actuary Stephen Goss.

NYT Gets It Wrong on Social Security (Again)

This weekend, The New York Times (NYT) editorial board laid out an argument for why they believe Social Security’s long-term gap is relatively manageable, that any solution should come mainly on the revenue side to offset cuts already in place, and that their readers should beware of “the deficit-obsessed, anti-tax world of Washington [where] closing the shortfall in Social Security has come to mean broadly cutting benefits.”

A Bipartisan Bill to Reduce Overlapping Payments in UI and DI

Bipartisanship will be a crucial element when it comes to reforming Social Security and achieving other budget related reforms in the near future.

Taking The Reformer For a Spin

CRFB's latest interactive tool "The Reformer" is a handy game that allows users to design their own Social Security plan. Users can select from a wide variety of benefit and revenue changes to make the system sustainably solvent. The tool then shows the effect on the program's finances and benefit and tax levels.

Social Security Trustees Release Latest Projections

Today, the Social Security and Medicare Trustees released their annual reports with projections of the finances of both programs.

WATCH: Social Security and Medicare Trustees Release Their Reports

At 11 AM Eastern time, the Social Security and Medicare trustees will release their respective reports on the finances of the two programs over the next 75 years. The release will be done at a press conference with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris, and public trustees Charles Blahous and Robert Reischauer. You can watch the webcast of the press conference here.

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