Timing Shouldn't Be a Problem for the Gang...

Despite broad enthusiasm for the Gang of Six proposal released yesterday, some have argued that there isn't enough time to put it into law. Senator Majority leader Harry Reid said, for example:

The Gang's All Here

The Gang of Six has been working on a fiscal plan for months now, and it appears that they are now ready to step into the debt debate in the eleventh hour. More positively, it looks like they may have a wide swath of support in the Senate.

Senator Coburn Introduces New Deficit Reduction Plan

At a press conference earlier this afternoon, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) officially released his deficit reduction plan, Back in Black--not to be confused with the Peterson-Pew report Getting Back in the Black. The package offers a wide range of savings options, totaling a little over $9 trillion. The plan is extremely detailed -- as Sen.

Details Emerging About Sen. Conrad's Budget

It's the budget that's been stuck in limbo. Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND), chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, has reportedly been working on a Senate Democratic budget for months, seemingly having held off to see what happens first with the Gang of Six and now with the debt ceiling negotiations. While there has been no official release yet, we do have some broad outlines of what the budget looks like from a speech Sen. Conrad gave yesterday on the floor of the Senate.

‘Line’ Items: Goals Edition

Clutch Goals -- The U.S. Women’s Soccer team scored an improbable victory over Brazil on Sunday in the Women’s World Cup, overcoming a scoring and manpower deficit with a last-minute goal and sealing the victory through penalty kicks. A similar storyline is playing out in Washington involving a different deficit -- the federal budget deficit. It looks as if negotiations to raise the statutory debt limit and reduce the deficit will also come down to the wire.

‘Line’ Items: Independence Day Edition

More Fireworks in Store – Washington, DC celebrated Independence Day on Monday night with its annual fireworks display on the National Mall. Though the traditional pyrotechnics may be out of the way, lawmakers returning to work today could produce more fireworks in the nation’s capital.

Senate Armed Services Committee Report

As our nation’s debt continues along its unsustainable path, it has become increasingly essential for a comprehensive fiscal plan that targets all areas of the federal budget—including defense.

Senate Votes to Cut Spending in the Tax Code

For anyone who is interested in seeing tax subsidies cleaned up, there's a bit of good news for you. The Senate voted yesterday to eliminate a $5.4 billion per year ethanol tax credit by a tally of 73-27. The vote came on an amendment to the economic development bill that is making its way through the Congress.

Actually, Raising the Medicare Age is Also a Good Idea

Update: As it turns out, increasing the Medicare age actually improves benefits for low-income seniors, thus helping to most disadvantaged.

‘Line’ Items: The Heat is on Edition

Except in Miami – The Miami Heat weren’t hot enough, but Washington saw record temperatures last week. Capitol Hill may warm things up this week as well as both chambers are in session together for the first time this month and the Biden group looks to pick up the pace of its debt limit/deficit reduction negotiations. CRFB will also add some sizzle with a big conference this week.

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