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Budget Reforms Come to the Forefront in the House Budget Committee

Last week, the House Budget Committee released a package of budget process reforms consisting of seven different pieces of legislation.

JCT Hands Out Programs for the Tax Reform Debate

As work on tax reform gets going, the Joint Committee on Taxation has provided a 568-page report laying out just about everything you need to know about the tax code. The report, provided to the House Ways and Means Committee, lays out what the current tax code looks like and where reforms could head.

Comparing the Budgets on Spending, Revenue, Deficits, and Debt

Update: This blog has been updated since its original posting to incorporate the House Democratic, Republican Study Commitee, and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) budgets.

Republican Study Committee Adds to the Alternative Budgets

Yesterday, the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) released its "Back to Basics" budget, which aims to balance the budget in four years instead of ten years as the Ryan budget seeks to accomplish. It reaches a surplus of $22 billion in 2017 and has a ten-year surplus of $33 billion.

Van Hollen Releases House Democrats' Alternative Budget

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, has released an alternative budget on behalf of House Democrats, "Jobs, Growth, and a Stronger Future." His budget succeeds in putting debt on a slight downward path with $1.8 trillion of savings compared to current law, or $2.3 trillion compared to the CRFB Realistic baseline.

The Ryan and Murray Plans Side-by-Side

Trying to determine the actual level of savings in budget proposals can be confusing, as there is no single agreed-upon set of baseline assumptions to follow. Both Congressman Ryan (R-WI) and Senator Murray (D-WA) use their own baselines from which to measure savings, which differ in a couple ways from current law or CRFB Realistic.

BPC Takes a Detailed Look at the Ryan Budget

The Bipartisan Policy Center has a detailed look at the Ryan budget, comparing it on various budget metrics to the most recent Debt Reduction Task Force plan ("Domenici-Rivlin 2.0"). The numbers show not only overall spending, revenue, deficits, and debt numbers but also how spending in different parts of the budget compares.

Chairman Ryan Releases FY 2014 Budget

Budget season is underway! House Budget Committee Chairman kicked off the budget resolution exchange by releasing his FY 2014 budget "The Path to Prosperity." As has been the case over the past few years, Ryan has shown an aggressive spending-side approach to getting debt and deficits under control. Let's take a look.

How Much Might the Ryan Budget Have to Change to Reach Balance?

With the new expectation that the House budget resolution will reach balance in 10 years -- more than 15 years earlier than was projected last year -- there has been much speculation about how House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) will modify last year's budget to reach the more aggressive target.

House Ways and Means Committee Presses Forward

The Hill is reporting that the House Ways and Means Committee will take the next step in creating a broad tax reform plan by announcing 11 separate working groups on different components of reform. The working groups would be composed of members of both parties and will be used to lay the groundwork in these different areas, not necessarily making recommendations.

The 11 working groups would cover the following topics:

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