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MY VIEW: Alice Rivlin

In an article from The New England Journal of Medicine, CRFB board member Alice Rivlin along with former Senators Tom Daschle, Pete Domenici, and William Frist, leaders of the Bipartisan Policy Center's Health Care Cost Containment Initiative, present a brief summary of their plan to strengthen the U.S. health care system.

The Social Security and Medicare Trustee Reports in Charts

The projections in the latest Medicare and Social Security Board of Trustees Report were further proof of the need to reform these important entitlement programs. But for some seeing is believing. Luckily, the Peter G.

Modernizing the Medicare Benefit

Today, the Moment of Truth Project has released a new report,"Modernizing the Medicare Benefit: A Closer Look at Reforming Medicare Cost-Sharing Rules," along with a one-page summary of the different approaches to reforming Medicare’s complex and disjointed set of cost-sharing rules.

Another Potential Bipartisan Health Care Reform

While reforming entitlement programs continues to be a critical challenge for policymakers, recent developments suggest that bipartisan support for addressing rising Medicare spending may be growing.

MedPAC Report Refuels the Need for Medicare Reforms

In its annual June report to Congress, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) explores a number of reforms that could help improve outcomes and reduce spending in Medicare. MedPAC’s recommendations and analysis have been used in the past to help provide policy ideas for much needed payment reforms and reductions, some of which have been used to pay for doc fixes.

Lawmakers Not Giving Up on Medicare Reforms

While the latest Medicare Trustees report showed slightly improved projections, the long-term challenges of health care cost growth and population aging remain unresolved. Fortunately, some policymakers in Congress remain committed to slowing the growing spending in Medicare and bending the health care cost curve.

Holtz-Eakin: Medicare Still Needs Reform

The recent slowdown of health care spending growth is one of the more positive developments in the budget over the past few years. Despite the slowdown, Doug Holtz-Eakin, former CBO director and current president of the American Action Forum, writes in The Hill that Medicare is still in need of reform to slow its cost growth.

A Closer Look at the Medicare Actuary's Alternative Medicare Projections

Earlier this week, we discussed the new Medicare Trustees projections which project that the Hospital Insurance (HI, or Part A) trust fund will be exhausted by 2026. In our analysis, we highlighted the alternative projections that incorporate several policy changes that lawmakers may make to current law in light have the impact they have on providers and beneficiaries.

Medicare Trust Fund Exhaustion Now Set for 2026

Along with their report on the financial status of the Social Security trust fund, the Social Security and Medicare Trustees on Friday released a separate analysis on the Medicare program.

WATCH: Social Security and Medicare Trustees Release Their Reports

At 11 AM Eastern time, the Social Security and Medicare trustees will release their respective reports on the finances of the two programs over the next 75 years. The release will be done at a press conference with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris, and public trustees Charles Blahous and Robert Reischauer. You can watch the webcast of the press conference here.

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