Fiscal Plans

New York Times: "Is the Deficit Urgent, or a Distraction?"

The New York Times' "Room for Debate" this week takes on our federal debt with a forum entitled "Is the Deficit Urgent, or a Distraction?" Writing in favor of the "urgent" side, naturally, were CRFB president Maya MacGuineas and Fiscal Commission co-chair and Fix the Debt co-founder Erskine Bowles. 

Fiscal Responsibility Questions For The Election

Considering our nation's debt situation, it is more important that ever to ensure that those seeking office have a plan to take on the issue. It's why we have urged debate moderators to ask serious questions about our fiscal problems in the debates this October with the Debate The Debt petition. But it's not all up to the moderators, because citizens can have a big impact on making candidates focus on the right kinds of questions in town hall meeting and along the campaign trail.

Will We Get Another 1986 Soon?

Elaine Kamarck and James Pinkerton, co-chairs of The RATE Coalition, a bipartisan group dedicated to promote tax reform, write in today's The Hill that we should look back to 1986 as an example on how to move forward on corporate tax reform.

CRFB's Jason Peuquet on the Republican Candidates' Plans

On New America's weekly podcast series The Sidebar, CRFB Research Director Jason Peuquet added some analysis on Representative Paul Ryan's (R-WI) budget and how his pick as Governor Mitt Romney's running mate will change the focus of the presidential election. Peuquet was excited about the Ryan pick, as it keeps fiscal issues in the political spotlight.

Ripon Forum Features Simpson-Bowles Plan

Is the Simpson-Bowles plan where the budget debate will eventually end up? The latest edition of the Ripon Forum seems to think so, making the plan the main focus. The Forum explores how Simpson-Bowles or something similar may be the only viable path to get something substantive done on the budget.

One article, written by editor Lou Zickar, states the following about the plan:

Crapo and Simpson Host Discussion on the Federal Debt

This afternoon Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) and Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID) will join CRFB President Maya MacGuineas in a public discussion at the the Idaho Statehouse on the "fiscal cliff" and the threat of our rising government debt. Senator Crapo is both a member of the "Gang of Six" and served on the Simpson-Bowles Fiscal Commission, while Rep.

Gregg and Rendell Urge Lawmakers to Fix the Debt

In an op-ed in POLITICO, Campaign to Fix the Debt co-chairs Judd Gregg and Ed Rendell introduce the Campaign and explain its purpose. They start off by laying out where our fiscal state is and where it is heading.

Comparing the Ryan Plan to...the Ryan Plan

There has been much discussion over the "Ryan Plan" since the House Budget Chairman was selected by Governor Romney to be his running-mate. However, there is not just one Ryan plan, but multiple iterations of the Congressman's proposals. They have evolved over time on specifics, although the overall approach has remained clear.

Al Simpson Joins the Announcement Effect Club

The Announcement Effect Club has a new member after this weekend—Fiscal Commission Co-Chair Alan Simpson. Simpson discussed the dangers of the fiscal cliff and the need for deficit reduction in an interview with Neil Cavuto. In particular, Simpson focused on the need for having a long-term plan: the direction and certainty it would provide the country would be very beneficial.

MY VIEW: Judd Gregg

In an op-ed in The Hill, former Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) argues that whoever is President next year should eschew the standard President's budget--with its detailed line-by-line policies and numbers--and instead issue a budget submission with a few big policies. As he says:

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