Low GDP Growth and Stalemate in the Congress

With the Bureau of Economic Analysis releasing tepid GDP numbers of only 1.3 percent growth and last night's failure of the House of Representatives to bring up Speaker Boehner's (R-OH) debt limit proposal, the markets opened down.

Fed's Beige Book Points to Slowing Economy

Fed’s latest Beige Book, released yesterday, pointed to slowing growth (but still positive growth) across many economic sectors and regions. On a region by region basis, the Fed found that Fed districts nearest the Atlantic seaboard were most affected by the economic slowdown while other districts such as the Atlanta District and the Dallas District felt their growth less impeded.

Recent Study Ranks U.S. Debt Fifth Largest Among Major Economies

A recent report from the Associated Press Global Economy Tracker found that the U.S. national debt (as a percentage of GDP) is the fifth largest among the world's major economies. According to the Tracker, which analyzes financial and economic data from thirty of the world's largest economies, U.S. debt in the first three months of the year equaled 95 percent of GDP.

Deficit Reduction Helps the Economy, But It Isn't Just a Counting Exercise

CBO recently released its analysis of a hypothetical deficit reduction plan's effect on the economy. They use a $2.4 trillion deficit reduction plan (about the same as the hypothetical Biden group plan) to illustrate the short-term and long-term economic effects of fiscal consolidation, while showing how these effects either add to or detract from the original deficit reduction.

IMF Issues Grim Warning

Highlighting the growing concern within international circles and among the various ratings agencies, the International Monetary Fund released its newest World Economic Outlook today, and the verdict is unpleasant.

Biden Group Talks Update: Searching for More Cuts and Talking Triggers

The Biden group of debt negotiations resumed on Tuesday with the fourth meeting of the bipartisan group of lawmakers chaired by Vice President Biden. The talks continued to focus on forging a debt reduction deal that will facilitate an increase in the statutory debt limit.

‘Line’ Items: Playoffs Edition

Crunch Time – The playoffs are well underway in the NBA and NHL. A playoff atmosphere is also brewing in Washington even though the home teams are not in the picture. A debt limit deadline and several teams competing for debt reduction glory are creating an air of anticipation and trepidation. Who will go home and who will go all the way?

Between the ‘Line’s: Meetings, Plans, Halfsies and One Cent

No Deficit of Talk – At least there no longer is a deficit of discussion when it comes to our fiscal situation. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) gave a major address Monday night to the Economic Club of New York where he said that increasing the statutory debt limit should be accompanied by spending cuts greater than the amount of the debt limit increase.

Dave Walker and Bob Bixby: National Fiscal Dialogue Needed

Today, Comeback America Initiative founder and CEO Dave Walker (former U.S. comptroller general) and Concord Coalition executive director Bob Bixby published an op-ed in POLITICO. They write that the nation has some very difficult fiscal choices ahead, and that the only way policymakers will ever truly be able to put the big ticket items on the table is if there is greater public understanding of the nation's fiscal challenges and the kinds of significant structural reforms we will need to make to solve them.

Live Webcast: The Moment of Truth

At 3:15 p.m. today, as part of the New America Foundation's 2011 Retreat, Slate Group Chairman Jacob Weisberg will moderate The Moment of Truth: America's Fiscal Crisis, featuring several fiscal policy experts--including CRFB president Maya MacGuineas.

It's sure to be an interesting and informative discussion, so don't forget to check it out!


Click here to watch the live video.

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