Economic Recovery Measures

‘Line’ Items: Fall Edition

Falling Into Pieces – Fall officially begins this week. A short congressional calendar and the quickly-approaching elections mean that the legislative agenda will largely fall by the wayside. Only a few bills will get passed this month, with a post-election lame duck session set to rake up with the rest.

A Not So Happy Anniversary

Nobody's breaking out the champagne for this anniversary.

On this day two years ago, the collapse of Lehman Brothers turned an already bad-looking recession into an all-out financial panic. The collapse sent the stock market on a wild ride for the next month and rapidly accelerated the pace of job losses, turning 6 percent unemployment into 9.5 percent unemployment in just six months.

Small Business Aid Bill Close to Enactment

UPDATE: The Senate passed the small business package on Thursday 9/16, and the House is expected to pass the legislation early next week.

‘Line’ Items: Football Edition

Kick-off Time – Football season got underway this weekend, and the final legislative drive before the mid-term elections also commences this week. The elections will loom over the work of lawmakers as they return to work for a short period before adjourning in October, making major breakthroughs unlikely. But stranger things have happened (like the Redskins winning).

Orszag on the Tax Cuts

Today, former OMB Director Peter Orszag debuted his new column in the New York Times and he sure made a splash. He tries to thread the needle of propping up the economy in the immediate-term and helping right the budget imbalances in the medium-term by suggesting that the tax cuts should be temporarily extended for all income brackets until 2013 and then allowed to expire.

Obama Announces New Proposals for Employment and Growth

Yesterday, the President announced two new plans for economic growth. Responding to pressure to deliver more job creation in a critical election year, Obama announced a plan to spend $50 billion next year on transportation and infrastructure—from roads to railways to airports. The proposal also includes plans for the creation of a national ‘infrastructure bank’ to attract private funding for further infrastructure improvement projects.

‘Line’ Items: Post-Labor Day Edition

A Lot of Work Ahead – The end of the long Labor Day weekend heralds the effective end of summer: the pools are closed, the kids are back at school, and summer vacations are over. Congress goes back to work in Washington next week. Members of Congress may be hard at work back home campaigning now, but tough tasks wait for them in DC as well.

Stimulus Calculus

CRFB board member Laura Tyson makes the argument for additional economic stimulus in a recent New York Times op-ed. At the same time she mirrors CRFB in also proposing that policymakers “should enact a credible multiyear plan now to stabilize the ratio of federal debt to gross domestic product gradually as the economy recovers.” Additionally, she renews her membership in CRFB’s “Announcement Effect Club” by arguing that announcing a credible plan now would ease capital market concerns.

FDIC Report Shows Improvement in Banks

The FDIC has just released its Quarterly Banking Profile (QBP) for the second quarter of 2010, showing improvement in bank balance sheets since last quarter and at the same point last year. 

CRFB President Comments on Fiscal Policy in Jackson Hole

At the Federal Reserve meetings in Jackson Hole, CRFB President Maya MacGuineas, commented on fiscal policy and the need for a credible debt reduction plan.

Watch a video of the interview below, or click here to go to CNBC.


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