Economic Recovery Measures

Reports Roundup

A number of very interesting and relevant government reports have come out this week. Check them out:

Will TARP be Renewed?

UPDATE: Treasury Secretary Geithner testified on Nov. 19 before the Joint Economic Committee, stating that "we are winding [TARP] down and will close it as soon as we can." Secreatry Geithner also stated that the Treasury will use "substantial resources" from remaining TARP cash to pay down some of the debt (see our commentary here for why such a statement is a bit misleading).

Several Executives Predict Third Stimulus

Several executives from General Electric and Bank of America Merrill Lynch said early this week in a BofA Merrill Lynch webcast that they see Congress approving another stimulus bill sometime next year. They argued that governments and emerging markets will lead a global economic recovery.

Three More FDIC Bank Closings

On Friday evening, the FDIC reported that it has taken over an additional three banks (Pacific Coast National Bank, Orion Bank, Century Bank) for a cost to the FDIC of around $1 billion. This brings the total number of failed banks in 2009 to 123. Total deposits of all failed banks now equal $115 billion for 2009 and over $349 billion since the beginning of 2008, all at an estimated cost to the FDIC of just under $54 billion.

FDIC to Collect Three Years of Premiums in Advance

The FDIC has just adopted a rule to require banks to pay at the end of 2009 the amount they would owe the FDIC for insurance premiums over the next three years. This rule change will collect $45 billion from banks to help shore-up the severely depleted deposit insurance fund. CRFB reported on this potential rule change back in early October (click here to see our original post).

Administration Claims Extra TARP Cash Is Deficit Reduction

This morning, a Wall Street Journal article reported that the White House intends to use some of the remaining TARP cash for deficit reduction, while also keeping some funds available for emergencies.

Gaps Return to State Budgets

In a recent report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), mid-year budget shortfalls, totaling $16 billion or 4 percent of these budgets, have already opened up in 26 states. As the mid-point of FY 2010 (which began July 1 in most states) approaches, states have seen revenues fall below previous projections. Our friends over at Value Added have also commented on the report here.

Treasury Ends Capital Assistance Program

Yesterday, the Treasury announced that the Capital Assistance Program (CAP), one of TARP’s several programs, will close, having made no investments since its creation in February 2009.

Bill to Extend Key Stimulus Measures Becomes Law

On Friday, the President signed into law a bill to extend several notable provisions under February's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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