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What CRFB Is Thankful For...

As Thanksgiving approaches, we at CRFB wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for. We are most thankful for the Simpson-Bowles preliminary debt reduction plan, which has set a new bar in Washington for what serious fiscal plans should acheive, and led to a flurry of other plans.

10 Themes Emerging from the New Debt Reduction Plans

We at CRFB have been calling for people to Get Specific on ways to deal with our long-term fiscal crisis for quite some time.  Well, since that has finally started to happen and deficit reduction plans seem to be in vogue (which couldn’t make CRFB happier), the second stage of the process, seeing where the plans intersect, is now beginning. And to start this process, we have a new paper that will help.

From Sound Bites to Solutions

Getting to real solutions to the fiscal challenges facing the country requires asking the right questions. Today CRFB offered “Ten Questions to Ask the Candidates” in order to move the election rhetoric away from the grandstanding and finger-pointing that are dominating the campaign.

CRFB Event: It's Time to Get Specific

With the fiscal debt clock ticking, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget yesterday brought together members of Congress and other fiscal experts to talk about "Let's Get Specific: Ways to Fix the Federal Budget". Facing a soaring federal debt, it's difficult to discuss how to close the fiscal gap without getting specific, CRFB Co-Chairman Bill Frenzel told those attending the half-day session.

CRFB Event: Follow Our Live Twitter Feed

CRFB hosted a policy forum on September 30th: Getting Specific: How to Fix the Budget. We will live tweeted the event on our Twitter page--!

Our nation faces budget deficits for as far as the eye can see. When it comes to specific solutions to this problem, many politicians are more likely to embrace changes that would make the deficit situation worse, not better. The forum (click here for more details) will focus on a number of specific solutions to put the debt back on a sustainable path.

Congratulations to Bill Frenzel and Jim Kolbe

Today, the White House announced its intent to appoint CFRB Board Member Jim Kolbe and CFRB Co-Chair Bill Frenzel to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. The Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations is part of the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

CRFB Releases Its Realistic Baselines

Today, CRFB released a new policy paper showing a more probable fiscal outlook over the coming decade than what baseline budget projections would predict. Late last week, CBO released its updated current law budget and economic assumptions. While current law projections show debt continuing to grow over the next ten years, it is highly likely that actual deficits and debt will be much worse over both the medium- and long-term.

CRFB Releases Analysis of Medicare Trustees Report

Today, CRFB released its analysis of the Medicare Trustees’ report on health care cost projections (for an analysis of the Social Security Trustees Report, see here).

CRFB Testifies Before the President’s Fiscal Commission

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform held its fourth meeting yesterday where it heard from our very own CRFB President, Maya MacGuineas, and board member, Barry Anderson.

CRFB in the Ripon Forum

CRFB board member Doug Holtz-Eakin and CRFB president Maya MacGuineas both had essays in the most recent edition of the Ripon Forum. While they focused on different subjects (spending and the possibility of a fiscal crisis, respectively), their message was the same: our current course is unsustainable.

Here are some quotes from each essay:

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