Obama Nominates Jacob Lew as OMB Director

Today, President Obama has announced his intention to nominate Jacob Lew, the current Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, to replace Peter Orszag as Director of OMB. Lew was previously OMB director during the Clinton administration. In a statement today Obama praised Lew’s “experience and good judgment,” saying that if confirmed, he will prove to be an “extraordinary asset” in efforts to cut the deficit and develop a sustainable fiscal path for the nation. We wish him the best of luck in this endeavor.


Jacob Lew Appointment

Thank you Mr. Orszag and staff for making the federal budget easier to navigate and more detailed in the out-years. After looking at the Budget of the United States for over fifteen years, I like the format of the Agency and Account section now better than ever. This is what I refer to as the MVP pages of the budget in terms extracting actual outlays for publication of my reference booklet. So from one budget nerd to another, thanks again and good luck!


Welcome back Mr. Lew! My have things changed since you were last here (OMB). We budget nerds out here know that you will do a great job and will be working with you to awaken the American people as to the magnitude of the deficit problem. We look forward to having you again steer course at OMB.


Jeff Harper

Author - Obama's Checkbook





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