As Congress Sidesteps The Budget, You Can Step In

CRFB encourages you to check out our budget simulator: Stabilize the Debt!

It's no secret that America's finances are a mess. The problem of our mounting debt can't be solved overnight, but we need to start addressing it now. In this online simulator, visitors get to make the hard choices themselves in order to stabilize the debt at 60% of GDP by 2018.

  I recently did the budget


I recently did the budget simulator, and I have to say it wasn't nearly as hard or painful as I expected. In fact after cutting spending in a few social areas, drawing down troop levels in Iraq/Afghanistan and raising taxes on the wealthy and enacting a federal sales tax I was able to funnel money into research, defense and education, as well as lower taxes on businesses and close tax loopholes and fund public transit and some environmental matters. After the whole thing was done I looked over my choices and I really didn't feel like I had screwed anyone over, I increased funding to areas that I felt were important and I'd got debt down to 55% of GDP, sure if things were my way life would be a bit harder for people (particularly in my generation who would be paying more into social security for a longer time while getting far less out of it) but truthfully I think the country would be stronger for it and of course we'd be on a more sustainable track with our debt. Sadly I doubt any such resolution will ever play out while republicans refuse to even talk about tax increases and democrats refuse to talk about reducing/cutting social programs, I wish the people in Washington would stop putting their constituencies and political futures above the good of the country as a whole and the generations who will inherit it.
P.S: I’m 15 and politically moderate.

How about zero troops in Afghanistan?

 Why can't I make a budget that includes a total withdrawl of US troops from Afghanistan and a closing of most bases around the world?


Where is the option to institute medicare for all?

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